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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Question about redirecting in tomcat
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 20:27:25 GMT
Ayman_AU wrote:
> Hi Gurus,
> I have a question which will be a great help if you can answer it for me.
> Thanks in advance.
> I created a DNS on a LAN called
> This DNS is forwarding to IP address
> I have an application running on Tomcat which can be accessed via this
> address:
> I want user to go on and get forwarded to the above URL. I know
> that some configuration should be done on tomcat server.xml 
> Please confirm and what to do if possible.
As it is phrased, your question is difficult to understand.

I'll try an answer :

If your DNS is configured properly, and your workstation is using it, and your Tomcat has

a standard configuration, then you should not need to do anything. It should just work.

By the way, DNS or whatever does not "forward" anything.
DNS is just like a telephone directory (or, if you do not understand that expression, like

the "contact list" on a mobile phone).  It is used by the browser to translate a computer

name (like ""), easier for humans to remember, into an IP address (like which is what computers and networks use.
When the browser receives the translation (the IP address), it makes a connection to that

address and sends the URL to it.
If Tomcat is listening at the other end, it will process that call and send a response.

By entering the URL "", you are just 
skipping one step (the DNS translation), but otherwise it is (almost) the same thing.

In other words, if it does not work, it is a problem of the browsing station 
configuration, or the DNS configuration, but not a problem of Tomcat.

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