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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: reverse proxy rule configuration
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 19:34:44 GMT
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On 1/13/2011 1:35 PM, Lava Saleem wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, what I have is a apache tomcat that is set
> to default I haven't changed any configuration.

Okay. Default Tomcat configuration does not involve Apache httpd. Tomcat
does not do proxying of any kind AFAIK. What I'm saying is that you need
to configure Apache httpd (or some other web server) to do what you want
it to do.

> somebody told me to set up a reverse proxy rule in the tomcat apache
> to avoid the same origin policy violation

You want to do forward-proxying, not reverse-proxying (though you might
have to do both) in order to fix your problem. Tomcat cannot do this
with simple configuration: you will need to use a web server like Apache
httpd or write a whole bunch of your own code to do proxying through Tomcat.

> I'm not sure if that will solve the same origin policy issue, do you
> think that will solve it?

Yes, it probably will solve your problems. The real question is why you
have the problem to begin with.

- -chris
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