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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Process going high even after restart of backend server tomcat
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 14:37:23 GMT
Thank you for the data below.

Some additional tips :

First : you are running old versions of Apache httpd, mod_jk and Tomcat (and probably also

of the Java JVM). You should really update these programs to more recent versions (at 
least Apache httpd to 2.2.x, and mod_jk to the latest available).
If you do not, then
- whatever we tell you here may not be relevant for these older versions
- you may have problems now, that are due to bugs that have already be corrected in later
versions, and then this would all be a big loss of time, for you and for everyone else

Maybe the very first thing to do, would be to have a look at your Apache httpd access log.
Usually, this is
configured so that each line shows a timestamp, the request URL, and the total time that
it took to process this request.  What does this log tell you ?

 From the Tomcat thread dump you posted, it looks like there are a lot of threads just
sitting there sleeping, instead of being busy processing requests.
Are those the threads that should be processing the requests ?
And if so, why are they sleeping instead of doing their job ?

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