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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Apache Process going high even after restart of backend server tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:21:12 GMT
On 10.01.2011 17:00, Amol Puglia wrote:
> Hello Team,
> I am facing very weird problem of apache porcess going high upto 259 and increasing again
even after restart of backend server ie. tomcat.
> Apache version :- 2.0.59
> Tomcat Version :- 5.5.9
> Apache/Tomcat connectivity :- mod_jk
> when i have checked mod_jk.log file i am seeing this messages in the logs.
> [Mon Jan 10 08:14:52 2011] worker1 0.001122
> [Mon Jan 10 08:14:55 2011] worker1 0.000732
> [Mon Jan 10 08:14:57 2011] worker1 0.000740
> [Mon Jan 10 08:15:00 2011] worker1 0.000846
> [Mon Jan 10 08:15:02 2011] worker1 0.000952

As I already wrote on the httpd users list:

The lines come from the JkRequestLogFormat configuration setting that 
you must have added somewhere (default: no such setting, no lines). The 
configured format will tell you, what the entry means. Likely it is 
either the name of the virtual host, or the value of the host header the 
client sent. Cleartext: this is requests being processed by your Apache 
server. The client sends these requests to "" and 
they are received by your server. Or you configured your server to carry 
the name "".

For details see:

and look for "JkRequestLogFormat" in that page.

The use of that directive is no longer recommended, because it is easier 
to include request log information into the usual access log via 
mod_log_config. Look for "mod_log_config" in the same page.

> I am not sure what does it mean when the name "" is not refereed
anywhere in my apache and tomcat configuration files and not even in file.
Can anyone help me torubleshoot this issue?

Furthermore this might not have to do with your issue, namely that you 
think the number of Apache processes is to big. From the other thread 
you posted containing the Java thread Dump excerpt we think that the 
reason for the growing number of processes is, that your MUXServlet 
doesn't handle the request and instead enters sleep. To make this 
assumption a fact, you would need to tell us, whether there are many 
threads in the same dump, that have the same stack (sleep in 
MUXServlet), more precisely how many and what the names of the threads 
are. If you find let's say 200 of those, then you are close to an 

Finally you have to do more than one dump to understand, whether the 
sleep() was only lasting for a short time, or it is happening all the 
time. Then you have to start talking to the developers of the MUXServlet 
showing them those dumps.



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