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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Process going high even after restart of backend server tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:38:00 GMT
Amol Puglia wrote:
> Hello Andre,
> When i posted same message to apache users list they said the apache process is going
high because there is a problem in backend server tomcat and asked me to collect thread dump
and post same in tomcat users list. so i posetd thread dump sanpshot in tomcat users list.
It seems tomcat is not releasing connection and this is the reason apache proces count is
goind high. I would like to know why tomcat is not releasing connection and wanted to figure
out whether ther is problem in tomcat or application deployed on tomcat. I have taken therad
dump and trying to analyze it but unable to understand what is causing problem by lloking
at threads. Let em know if i can attache thread dump here so that experts from the forums
can help me to understand thread dump.
Allright, so now we may start getting an idea of the problem.

Maybe the first things to do :

1) do not post files as attachments in this list. Mostly, the server strips them.
Instead, if we ask you for some text information, do a copy-and-paste, and paste the 
content directly in your email to the list.
Also, when you copy contents of files here, please remove the comments, and any private 
information such as internet hostnames or passwords.

2) tell us what the platform is (O.S.)
3) if you can, also tell what exact version of the mod_jk moduile you are using. You 
should be able to find this in the message that Apache httpd prints in its error log when

it starts.
3) in the configuration of Apache httpd, there must be configuration lines starting with 
"Jk......".  Copy them here.
4) copy here the full content of the "" file (comments removed)
5) in the Tomcat conf/server.xml file, there is a <Connector> element with a protocol=AJP.
Copy this <Connector> element here.
6) if the platform is Unix/Linux, execute the following command and copy the result here :
apache2ctl -V
7) if the platform is Unix/Linux, go to the "bin" directory of Tomcat, execute the command

"" and copy the result here.

With the above, we will get a much better idea of your configuration, and of what to ask next.

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