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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Process going high even after restart of backend server tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 13:23:24 GMT
Amol Puglia wrote:
> Hello Andre Warnier,
> Thanks for the response. I am talking about apache web server whose process count is
increasiing to 259 and not coming down. I would like to know why process count is increasing
and not coming down. Please help me to toublleshoot this issue.Let em know in case you need
further information.

I am extremely tempted to answer that if the problem is at the Apache httpd server level,

then it is not our problem on this list.  We deal only with Tomcat.

But someone else already answered that apparently.
So I'll make another effort.

To answer your question : we don't know.  There can be a million reasons.
Some of these reasons can have to do with the back-end Tomcat, but that is only a 
possibility. It may have nothing to do with Tomcat at all.

One possibility is that there are just many user requests coming in to your Apache httpd 
server, and it is not fast enough to handle the load.
So, in order to stay on this list, what makes you think that the problem has anything to 
do with the back-end Tomcat ?

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