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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Process going high even after restart of backend server tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 11:58:41 GMT
Amol Puglia wrote:
> Hello Andre Warnier,
> Thanks for the response. Is there anyway i can bring down this connections.
> I would like to know why this process id's are not getting terminated automatically.
> I have run the traceroute command and following is the output of the command.

After your other post, entitled "Need help in understanding tomcat thread dump", it is a 
bit confusing now what your real problem is.

That other post shows that you are runnig some java modules on your tomcat server, which 
seem to have something to do with the same supplier (Ericsson ?) than the one some Apache

processes are connecting to using mod_jk.

We have no idea here of your applications, what they are doing, if it is normal or not 
that they connect to an Internet server of the Ericsson company, and so on.

Let's restart from the beginning, your original post :

 >I am facing very weird problem of apache porcess going high upto 259 and increasing 
again even after restart of backend server ie. tomcat.

So, is it the Apache httpd processes (children) that "go very high" (meaning that there 
are many, too many ?), or the back-end Tomcat threads ?

What is the problem ? is it in Apache httpd, or in Tomcat ? does your server stop 
responding ? is it slow ? does it not do what it is supposed to do ?

 >Apache version :- 2.0.59
Tomcat Version :- 5.5.9
Apache/Tomcat connectivity :- mod_jk

Both of the Apache httpd and Tomcat versions that you mention above are very old (many 
years).  You should upgrade to more recent versions.
You do not indicate a version for mod_jk, but it is probably old also.

 >when i have checked mod_jk.log file i am seeing this messages in the logs.

[Mon Jan 10 08:14:52 2011] worker1 0.001122
[Mon Jan 10 08:14:55 2011] worker1 0.000732
[Mon Jan 10 08:14:57 2011] worker1 0.000740
[Mon Jan 10 08:15:00 2011] worker1 0.000846
[Mon Jan 10 08:15:02 2011] worker1 0.000952

These messages look to me as if, in your Apache httpd server, there are processes which 
communicate directly, through mod_jk, with a (real) external Internet server 
"" (probably a Tomcat server also).

That's all I can say.  I do not know if that is your problem, or if these connections are

a "normal" part of your application, or anything else.
Only you can know that.

Try to be a bit more specific about what the real problem is, and maybe we can start 
helping you.

Come on, give us a clue.

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