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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Accessing context information remotely - Context.getAvailable() etc.
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 15:09:52 GMT
On 07/01/2011 15:05, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Ziggy,
> On 1/7/2011 6:53 AM, Ziggy wrote:
>> Will a "full JMX" be started on the Tomcat JVM or on the JVM in which i am
>> running the process to connect to the Tomcat instance?
> Your client process, obviously: JMX is already started in the Tomcat JVM
> in order to serve JMX requests.
>> presumably if it is
>> the latter then it will shutdown once the client tool completes? The tool
>> should only take a few seconds to run on each iteration.
> Yes. Rainer is only pointing-out that the JVM + the JMX subsystem is a
> pretty heavy thing to be launching, say, every minute from a cron job.
> On the other hand, you could use a shell script + wget and get the same
> effect if you had access to the manager app because of the jmxproxy feature.
> Of course, you could also write your own JMX proxy service and connect
> to /that/. I wonder how easy it would be to hack the jmxproxy out of the
> manager webapp and either insert it into another (your) webapp or just
> deploy it on its own.

Or just wget the index page for the app...


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