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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to disable chunked encoding for the Http11NioProtocol connector.
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 21:34:40 GMT
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On 1/6/2011 4:17 PM, ilya goberman wrote:
> OK. All I wanted to say is that disabling keepAlive across the board
> is not necessary.

Nobody is suggesting that.

> If keepAlive can be applies to a single response
> (and to be honest I am not sure it is possible), it is fine.

Of course it can: headers can be set on a per-response basis. Otherwise,
stuff like Content-Type and Content-Length would never work.

> I was under impressing that the only way to disable keep alive is
> globally via: maxKeepAliveRequests="1" in server.xml

That's obviously the wrong approach.

File another enhancement request to allow configuration to let client
and/or server use of "Connection:close" to disable chunked response
encoding and I'm sure Mark won't mark it as INVALID or WONTFIX.

It's possible nobody will actually submit a patch for it any time soon,
but you are free to do so. Enhancement requests with accompanying
patches are much more likely to be fixed. ;)

- -chris
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