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From Gabor Pinter <>
Subject url prefixes behind proxy
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 11:02:56 GMT
Dear list,

I have a very trivial problem.

My setup:
CentOS 5.5
nginx 0.8.53

net ---> nginx:80 (proxy_pass) ---> tomcat:8080

Proxy redirect is triggered by prefix "/tom/"

myhost:80/tom/<url>  ---><url>

Now here is my question.
How can I let Tomcat know about this "/tom/" prefix?

<Host name="localhost/tom" ...  seems to work in a somewhat confusing manner

The Tomcat welcome page ignores prefix /tom/ in links
(hence, no pix + links are wrong ).
However, in apps (e.g. 'manager', 'examples') links are prefixed by 
/tom/ (so pix & links are fine).

What is the authentic way to make the prefix absolutely transparent?

Thanks in advance!

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