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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to disable chunked encoding for the Http11NioProtocol connector.
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 21:46:38 GMT
ilya goberman wrote:
> I was thinking more about it. What if Tomcat disables chunked encoding if response contains
"Connection: close" header.
> So in order to disable the encoding the Tomcat application will have to set just one
response header.
> I think it is a reasonable enhancement to do. If "Connection: close" is not set, keep
alive functionality is preserved.
> Any objections?
The sysadmin may decide, for whatever reason, to disable keep-alive connections.
In that case Tomcat will add a "Connection: close" to any response, and close the 
connection at the end of the response.
But that does not mean that the one response sent back, could not be from some application

generating a dynamic response for which the size is not known in advance, thus triggering

a chunked response.

Now in addition I am thinking of this :

                            /        \
                           /          \
                          /            \
client <--> something <--              --> something <--> tomcat

The "somethings" in-between could decide that to go through the sputnik, it makes no sense

to have the message in one piece - or in multiple pieces - and re-slice it or re-assemble

it in the way best suited to go up and down.
Since the transfer-encoding is just that, they are allowed to do that.
So basically any scheme that relies on the transmission being chunked or not, is doomed, no

I love ascii art.

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