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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: How to disable chunked encoding for the Http11NioProtocol connector.
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 06:14:18 GMT
On 05/01/2011 05:04, ilya goberman wrote:
> Hi,
> I use NIO HTTP Tomcat connector org.apache.coyote.Http11NioProtocol to implement Comet
streaming to browsers and mobile devices.
> I would like to disable HTTP response chunked encoding to reduce bandwidth.

How significant is the overhead with chunking in your case? I'd expect
it to be pretty small unless only a few bytes are sent at a time (and
even then there is the overhead for the packet).

Is there any mileage in using compression to reduce bandwidth instead?
Issues with flushing compressed output streams [1] were fixed last year.

> The response will have header "Connection: close" with "Content-Length" header omitted.
> Is there a way to do it besides having client send HTTP 1.0 request (that is not possible
in the majority of cases)?

Having looked at the relevant source code the only two ways I can see are:
- sending an HTTP 1.0 request
- declaring a content length

It used to be possible to control this by disabling keep-alive but that
was changed back in April last year [2],[3] as a result a discussion on
the dev list [4]. If your Tomcat version is old enough, you may still be
able to use the disable keep-alive trick.

My own view was then, and is now, that the extra bytes with chunking are
a price worth paying for the client to be able to determine if the
request is complete. That said, an option on the connector to revert to
non-chunked responses when keep-alive is disabled for use cases where
reducing bandwidth is more important than knowing if the response is
complete seems reasonable to me.



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