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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: isapi_redirector.dll Problems - Bad Gateway?
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2011 19:39:35 GMT
amythyst wrote:
> Yea I don't know... I'm not the network person so I don't have access to see
> what is in the firewall.  He told me everything was set up properly in the
> firewall and when I changed the port to 8010, we made no changes in the
> firewall whatsoever.
> Michael Ludwig-6 wrote:
>> amythyst schrieb am 03.01.2011 um 09:15 (-0800):
>>> Yup you are correct.  It was 8009.  And changing the port to 8010
>>> seems to have resolved it.  But I'm not sure why this has fixed it.
>> Unfavourable firewall configuration?
>> -- 

Congratulations, and we share your happiness at having resolved the problem.
However, it is always good to know why exactly the problem happened, if only to avoid it 
re-appearing at some unexpected future time.

So allow us to continue digging a bit.

I believe that the key must be here, in an answer which you sent previously :


I have the following connector string in my server.xml file:

<Connector port="8009" redirectPort="8443" enableLookups="false"
protocol="AJP/1.3" URIEncoding="UTF-8"/>

I will attach the file itself to make sure you guys think it looks ok.

I ran the netstat command you gave me... lots of stuff there!  But I do see



This 8009 port must not have been Tomcat, but something else.
If it is still there now, then try to find out what "process number 4" actually is. You 
should be able to see that in the Task Manager, if you select the PID column for display.

It should also normally show the name of the executable program, if you really entered the

command as :

netstat -aobn


   TCP         HERGESTELLT     1092

(maybe you just forgot to copy and paste that second line ?)

On my WinXP laptop for example, I see that process # 4 as [System] :

   TCP              ABHÖREN         4

In retrospect, it looks strange to have a process with PID # 4 on that server, listening 
on port 8009.  What could it be ?

Also, in the Tomcat logs of when you were still having the <Connector> listening on
8009, there must have been error messages when Tomcat started.
(It should not have been able to start that Connector, if the port was not free).

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