I am working on a tomcat 5.5 cluster which is using ajp/1.3 and mod_jk and trying to determine the best cluster design given the hardware. I have 2 xeon 2.3 ghz 2 CPU machines with 38GB ram machine. Currently here is the config I am using. The TOMCAT and HTTPD servers are on the same physical machine.

Each machine is running HTTPD 1.3 with prefork, the MaxClients is 256 due compiled in limits. Each machine has 4 virtualhosts running through one instance of HTTPD. Two of the VHOSTS are the same app running on Tomcat 5.5 with 8GB RAM(configured by customer). The workers are configured to each VHOST meaning for each machine there are 4 workers defined and one worker is defined for each VHOST. I will try and depict this below. The current load balancing is controlled by F5 and manages the load across 2 machines, 4 VHOST for each app.

Based on this info can someone recommend if this configuration could be improved and if so what would you recommend ?

Thanks for any help on this.

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