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From Nikunj <>
Subject Re: Can JSP code be served from a DB instead of files?
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 01:09:50 GMT
hi guys,

While rendering jsp Is there any way to hide html source code from
browser i.e when user clicks on view source browser will display blank
page ...

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 4:51 PM, David Wall <> wrote:
>>>> Yes. You'll need to extend BaseDirContext in
>>>> org.apache.naming.resources. For some examples, see FileDirContext and
>>>> WarDirContext in the same package.
>>> Thanks for the pointers, Mark.  From what you are saying, this would be
>>> a Tomcat-specific solution.  I was hoping for something that would work
>>> in standard way so it would be portable.
>> I'm not sure there is going to be a pure-Java, container-agnostic
>> solution. There is certainly nothing in the servlet spec that will help
>> you with this, so your solution is likely to be either
>> container-specific, or not a container-related solution (like using a
>> db-based filesystem mounted at the OS level).
> Thanks, Chris.  Yeah, I figured this could be a tough one as there cannot be
> too many folks who want to store their JSPs in a database.  It's a first for
> me and it seems like forever I've been doing JSP/servlets... ;-)
>>> While we use Tomcat ourselves,
>>> we've had users who run on other containers.  I'll take a look though
>>> since maybe it's something that can be plugged into other containers,
>>> too.
>> Good luck. In either case, a DataSourceDirContext would be a nice
>> addition to Tomcat. ;)
> Indeed!  You guys have done a wonderful job with Tomcat, that's for sure.  I
> think we'll muddle along with writing the JSPs to the filesystem for now and
> see what sort of issues pop up in the future.  The higher priority for us
> now is to make those generated JSPs do something useful!
> Thanks for your answers and consideration...
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