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From "McGibbney, Lewis John" <>
Subject RE: HTTP Status 500 - Server Internal Error (continued!)
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2010 18:56:59 GMT

I managed to get over the parser issue by following your suggestions. Just as I thought things
were gradually getting better I am now encountering errors with the class org/apache/common/logging/LogFactory
when I try to launch webapp on Tomcat. Reading my Tomcat output logs I notice the following
code in the final few lines before the console window closes.

SEVERE: A web application appears to have started a thread named [Thread-4] but
has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak.

Having delved into the world of commons logging I am interested to hear whether the correct
solution to solve a memory leak when deploying/undeploying a webapp is to include a class
which implements ServletContextListener(according to commons wiki FAQ's). This is the last
thing that I would have expected when experimenting with a new plugin for my webapp and I
am concerned that in beating the parser problem I have opened a can of worms. Does anyone
have any comments here please.

Thanks Lewis

From: Michael Ludwig []
Sent: 19 December 2010 12:35
Subject: Re: HTTP Status 500 - Server Internal Error

McGibbney, Lewis John schrieb am 18.12.2010 um 21:20 (+0000):
> I understand this now, my initial understanding
> was that Tomcat was distributed with a version
> of xerces (or some other) parser implementation

Tomcat isn't, but the Sun JRE is shipping a forked and
modified Apache Xerces. It has acquired a reputation for
bugginess, though, which is why many people prefer to use
Apache Xerces (formerly known as IBM XML4J, donated in

> I am trying to get to the bottom of what
> org.apache.xerces.util.XMLChar is and why it
> is causing the exceptions and errors when I
> lanuch the webapp.

Something's compiled against this class and complains
that it cannot be loaded. You need to make Apache Xerces
available to the webapp in question. This can be achieved
by putting the relevant JAR(s) in WEB-INF/lib. In the case
of Xerces, however, it is preferable to put the JAR(s)
into %CATALINA_HOME%\endorsed (which may not exist but may
be created) so they will be available to all of Tomcat and
outmatch the Sun fork shipping with the JRE.

> Can you expand on your final statement to
> provide more detail please, I am unfamilar
> with this configuration.

Take a look at the setclasspath and catalina shell scripts
in %CATALINA_HOME%\bin. Search them for "endorsed" and read
up on the Java Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism:

Michael Ludwig

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