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From Justin Case <>
Subject Re: automatic deployment without server.xml - bad request
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 22:24:45 GMT
> From: Pid <>
> On 12/2/10 12:34 PM, Justin Case wrote:
> > Error is fine, as  long it's a 404 (and not this enigmatic 400)...
> 400 isn't enigmatic and  /is/ an error.  ;)

It IS an error indeed, but we're not talking about throwing just ANY random 
error number here :) 

400 is a specific error which to my untrained eye has absolutely nothing to do 
with the fact that under the named context there's no application deployed. 
That's why a 404 would have sent me much sooner in the right direction - 
resource not found, instead of trying endlessly to play with the request headers 
and the HTTP protocol details. But maybe it's just me.

> I'd suggest you make a simple empty  ROOT app.  Tomcat will then serve
> 404s for missing URLs.  You could  also customise the 404 response page
> to suit.

Yeah I probably will do that - but I will still regard it as a dirty hack...

Otherwise thanks a lot for your support, I was obviously misunderstanding what 
the Path parameter of the Context is expected to do. Now I know what I have to 
change. Or I think so at least. Back to the drawing board.

Thanks a lot to you all gals/guys,


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