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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Novice's
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 12:50:27 GMT
On 12/30/10 11:39 AM, Morten Bo Ølbye wrote:
> Dear all.
> I have tryed to find out how to use Tomcat.
> So far not very successfully.
> Some help is needed, but in order not to strain the user list too much i have put my
request in my own link:

Which is actually more difficult for list readers because we now have to
launch another app to read your question.  So, to save time:

> I am trying to run this Tomcat ver. 6.29 on an Windows XP system.

> The directory is as follow's

> C:\Programmer\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2
> C:\Programmer\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0

> Why I am in the need for some help?
> Because I have not been able to find any Toutorial that take it
> outspring in a comlete system information.

For Tomcat, you just unzip the download & it's ready to go.

> The few touturial available has only partial information. That is, I >
can do this and that.

Do what and which?

> But not any information about the Operation system, its directory
> system and its goal, leaving me back in some sort of emptiness.

What are you actually looking for?  Tomcat is a Servlet Container (and
web server) and so it's primary goal is to serve Servlet Spec compliant
web applications.

> The same I could say about the "online" Tomcat documentation.

Here: ?

> Of course I am able to run the command Http://localhost:8080, with a >
successful page of Tomcat

Good start, I'd say.

> Please take a look at the default directory structure.

I am familiar with it.

> What I doo need some help about is my wireless connections.
> I have used netbeans in order to write a wireless tcp connection.


> This work fine, except that I want Tomcat to fetch the data when
> requested, listening to some port.

Which is it?  Listen for data, or request data?

> An other application, similar to the TCP-connection, is an incomming
> request about an automatic "upload".
> The wireless module has the ability to sen an OTA download request.
> When this is done, the module restart using the new program

Tomcat provides connectors to service HTTP (or AJP) requests.

Are you sending HTTP requests?


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