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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Can JSP code be served from a DB instead of files?
Date Sun, 26 Dec 2010 10:04:59 GMT
On 26/12/2010 03:39, David Wall wrote:
> Is there a way to have Jasper (or other...) retrieve the JSP source code
> it'll compile from a database instead of a regular file? It's fine that
> Jasper write the .java/.class files as normal, but the .jsp would come
> from my database instead. A servlet that could return the JSP source
> code so it was then processed/compiled normally would be perfect if it's
> possible. I'd like to have some auto-generated JSP code used in our
> system without writing it to disk in a directory in my webapp's real path.
> Is this possible? Thanks for any ideas...

Yes. You'll need to extend BaseDirContext in 
org.apache.naming.resources. For some examples, see FileDirContext and 
WarDirContext in the same package.


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