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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Problem connecting to tomcat6 service via JConsole on Windows Server 2008
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2010 10:46:23 GMT
On 23/12/2010 19:32, Adib wrote:
> Pid thanks or your comments below.
> Any idea why it was working just fine on a windows Vista machine but not on
> Windows 2008 R2. One of the main differences between the two machines is
> that the windows server has multiple IP addresses on the same network card,
> could that be causing the agent to get confused as to what ip address to use
> for the second port.

You can use netstat to see what addresses & ports the JMX services are
listening on.

If the JMX ports are listening on different addresses, that would be a(n
unlikely) problem.  It's reasonable to consider it.


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