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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: httpd/Tomcat load balancing question
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 07:49:12 GMT
Pid * wrote:
> On 22 Dec 2010, at 23:38, André Warnier <> wrote:
>> Pid * wrote:
>>> On 22 Dec 2010, at 23:02, Jeffrey Janner <>
>>>> Definitely the culprit.  Now, I just have to convince the Dev team that they
are, once again, a bunch of idiots.
>>> Fail.
>> Pid,
>> why /do/ the "static objects" links embedded in the login page get back to the browser
with a jsessionid appended ?
> <c:url is a JSTL tag which encodes a link.

So in clear everyday English, for the benefit of the oppressed minority who does not speak

JSTL fluently, the fact of encoding this link in the page as "<c:url something..>" is
reason why Tomcat (roughly speaking) modifies it to add the ";jessionid" bit, yes ?
And if one were to remove the "<c:url .." tag from those links, it wouldn't, right ?

And if so, why did you say "Fail" above ?
(apart from the name-calling of the Dev team, which may have been a bit overdone, this 
being Christmas and all)

As long as we're at it, are there any dire consequences in this case for removing the 
"<c:url .." bit ?

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