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From Felix Dierich <>
Subject Re: Re: Occasional (!) error "(404) Not Found" with Apache Axis 1.4 web service after update to Tomcat 6.0.29
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2010 14:01:09 GMT
Hi Konstantin,

thank you for your quick reply!

Am 20:59, schrieb Konstantin Kolinko:
> 2010/12/20 Felix Dierich<>:
>> I have a very strange issue, which only occured after an update from Tomcat
>> 6.0.26 to 6.0.29. I have a number applications doing alltogether ~50-100
>> SOAP calls per minute to an Apache Axis 1.4 based web service running on
>> Tomcat. After the Tomcat update some of these calls suddenly get a "(404)Not
>> Found" response from the servlet, with no clear pattern. In a write
>> operation with 20 SOAP calls more or less at once, two may get this
>> response, the rest works well. This has never happened under 6.0.26.
> How is JspServlet configured in your conf/web.xml ?

It is "vanilla" config:


> I'd recommend to set its "development" parameter to the value of "false".

Okay, I will give this a try, thanks. I'm surprised it true by default 
when installing with the standard Tomcat Windows installer.


An update from my side:

I'm now assuming, that the issue causing this is actually coming out of 
Axis. I have had many issues with Axis 1.x not seeming to be thread-safe 
on client side (and I use a lot of multiple threads, typically ~20-30) 
and I have put in a lot of workarounds for issues coming out of this, 
but this one is new:

I normally use two different URLs of redundant services in my SOAP 
calls. The usually differ only by hostname, the rest is the same. When 
setting up the new Tomcat version I had to change the webapp path, so 
that I ended up with different hostnames and webapp paths in the two 
URLs. It seems like Axis 1.x is sometimes getting the URLs of different 
call objects confused, but the hostname and path parts separately... Not 
good. This previously was unnoticed in my software as the paths were 
always the same (in the situations with redundant services), now I got 
404 because the hostname and changed webapp path did not match...

I have now made the webapp paths the same in my test environment and so 
far I haven't got a 404 again. So it seems like this is not an issue 
with Tomcat, but with Axis 1.x. Sorry for bothering the wrong mailing 
list in the end. I know Axis 1.x has been discontinued for quite a while 
now, but I haven't yet found the time to switch to a different Java SOAP 
lib like Axis2 (which is a rewrite and needs a bit more work to change 
to), but it is pretty clear I have to do that sooner rather than later...

Thanks and regards


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