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From Felix Dierich <>
Subject Occasional (!) error "(404) Not Found" with Apache Axis 1.4 web service after update to Tomcat 6.0.29
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:27:28 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have a very strange issue, which only occured after an update from 
Tomcat 6.0.26 to 6.0.29. I have a number applications doing alltogether 
~50-100 SOAP calls per minute to an Apache Axis 1.4 based web service 
running on Tomcat. After the Tomcat update some of these calls suddenly 
get a "(404)Not Found" response from the servlet, with no clear pattern. 
In a write operation with 20 SOAP calls more or less at once, two may 
get this response, the rest works well. This has never happened under 

I tried to find posts / stuff via Google about this, but there is so 
much Tomcat newbie stuff with deployment issues that I gave up. I also 
browsed the changelog. If there is anything already that I overlooked, 
please direct me to it. Any help highly appreciated!

Here some details on my setup:

Tomcat 6.0.29 under Windows XP 32bit (other deployments on 2003 server 
64bit and Linux, those not tested), vanilla install with "service" and 
"native" selected, no significant config changes after installation (I 
also diffed to the old V6.0.26 config folder and it is the same).
Webapp with Apache Axis 1.4 SOAP library and some custom JSPs (JSPs not 
involved in the SOAP transactions though, Apache Axis 1.4 is a servlet).
Hardware: VMWare virtual server HW version 7, on ESXi 4.1.
Nothing helpful in the Tomcat logs afaics.

Happy to provide more details, let me know.

Thanks for any help!


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