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From Thomas Kloeber <>
Subject Re: Where does my stderr go?
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 08:40:48 GMT
Hi Chris,

Christopher Schultz wrote on 17.12.2010 18:55:
> I can see an stderr file in there. Were you expecting anything to be in
> it immediately after startup? Silly question: how are you writing to stderr?
yes, I put some output in one of my servlets, just to test this.
I'm using System.stderr and System.stdout.
> BTW: you posted some passwords in your log files. You might want to go
> and change those, now, unless it was all some kind of test data.
yup, I know, it's only test data...
> I was thinking of your conf/ file as well as your
> configuration for tomcat6w.exe. Describing the log config from
> tomcat6w.exe (as you have done) and posting should be
> enough.
see attachment
Logging set up from tomcat6w:

    * Level: Info
    * Log path: <apache install dir>\logs
    * Log prefix: jakarta_service_
    * Redirect Stdout: auto
    * Redirect Stderr: auto

> There is a "swallowOutput" attribute on the<Context>  element (found in
> conf/server.xml if you are a bad boy, or in your webapp's
> META-INF/context.xml, or in conf/[service]/[host]/[webapp].xml. If set
> to "true" (it defaults to "false"), then your stdout and stderr will be
> redirected to the application's log file which is configured in
> conf/
this attribute is not set anywhere.


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