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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: jndi-lookup fails, cured by tomcat restart
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 10:22:47 GMT
On 13/12/2010 22:52, Dale Ogilvie wrote:
> propsFileName is the name of the bean, which should be initialized with
> the string value from the JNDI entry "propertiesFileName" defined in
> $CATALINA_HOME/conf/context.xml
> This was working, stopped working until a tomcat restart, and is working
> again now. My concern is that this may be a bug in tomcat 
> So what happens is that tomcat startup creates a JNDI environment entry
> in the "cross-application" context called "propertiesFileName". 

Just to be clear, there is no global or cross-application context.
Entries in CATALINA_BASE/conf/context.xml are merged with the
application's context.xml and become part of the application's context
configuration. This means that if you define a resource in
CATALINA_BASE/conf/context.xml and you have 20 contexts you will get 20
instances of that resource - one for each context.


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