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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat production settings and best practices
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 09:57:18 GMT
srinivas jaini wrote:
> What are the max xms, xmx that Apache Tomcat can handle? How common is it to
> use memory heaps great than 8gb for memory intensive applications running
> frameworks such as spring, quartz?Is setting xms and xmx equal a good
> practice for production deployments?

Hi.  Although I am far from the specialist in these matters, I believe that you may 
benefit from viewing these issues a bit differently :

The settings which you are mentioning above are settings for the Java Virtual Machine, not

for Tomcat.  Tomcat is just the Java application which runs inside the JVM.
And about the settings appropriate for your environment, since nobody here really knows 
your environment, that is a question which nobody except you can answer.

What you should probably do, is to make an educated guess, and then watch your application

running, using one of the many tools designed to do so.  And then, if needed, tune the JVM

parameters. Pre-optimisation is generally counter-productive.

Setting -Xms and -Xmx equal, may provide a minor performance gain in some cases, as it 
frees the JVM from having to resize the heap size dynamically.
I would say that in a production environment, where the applications are stable and the 
load well-known, it is probably a good idea to move the -Xms up to the -Xmx which you have

determined to be optimal for your applications. Probably. Try it.

And if optimisation you really want to do, then use this formula :
1 g of application optimisation = 1 Kg of JVM optimisation.

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