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From Klemens Muthmann <>
Subject Is there an upload limit of around 8000 bytes in tomcat 6?
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 16:03:07 GMT

I wrote a REST webservice that accepts file uploads to the server. I 
used the Restlet framework and as long as I am running the application 
on the internal Restlet Web Server everything works fine. However as 
soon as I deploy my application as WAR to tomcat (tomcat 6.0.24) it 
seems that the server closes the connection when something between 7000 
and 8000 bytes are submitted. To illustrate this: I get the following 
logging output from my code on the server side:

DEBUG RawResourceResource - Number of bytes read:7655
DEBUG RawResourceResource - Number of bytes available: 22694


DEBUG RawResourceResource - Number of bytes read:7694
DEBUG RawResourceResource - Number of bytes available: 45904

The upper number is the number of bytes that arrive on the server. The 
lower one ist the number I would expect. I read in the tomcat 
documentation about buffer sizes and upload limits but none of these 
parameters is even similar in size to the value shown.

I tried to enlarge/change the following parameters of the HTTP connector 
in "server.xml":
* bufferSize="100000"
* socketBuffer="50000"
* disableUploadTimeout="true"
* maxPostSize="5242880"
* connectionTimeout="60000"

Nothing of this did work.

So my question is; is anyone aware of a behaviour with tomcat where the 
server just cuts the connection after having recieved a certain amount 
of bytes and is there some config parameter that allows me to bypass 
this behaviour.

Thanks and Regards
   Klemens Muthmann

Dipl.-Medieninf., Klemens Muthmann
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Technische Universität Dresden
Fakultät Informatik
Institut für Systemarchitektur
Lehrstuhl Rechnernetze
01062 Dresden
Tel.: +49 (351) 463-38214
Fax: +49 (351) 463-38251

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