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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: enforcing SSL only for external clients
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 22:58:23 GMT
Aggarwal, Ajay wrote:
> Most of the application will be over SSL for external clients. There is one part where
the clients may upload or download a huge file over HTTP which I don't want to go through
SSL. I am thinking uploading/downloading these huge files over SSL will create lot of stress
on the server.

Let me be constructively critical and provide my 2 cent :

If we are talking about a standard web application using a standard html interface and 
standard browsers, then such an upload would be triggered by a POST from a html form with

a <input type="file"> in it, right ?
If the upload URL (target of the form) is not within the HTTPS protected part, then anyone

could access it and post a huge file to your site, no ?  That may cause more stress on 
your server than doing this via HTTPS ever would.

Or else, how are you going to ensure that any client uploading a huge file to your server

is entitled to do so ?  Plus, you may need to know who is doing this, just to know what to

do with the file.  So you would need a form of authentication that starts under HTTPS, but

is valid also when posting the form under HTTP.  Not necessarily evident, and in any case

not evident with any of the standard Tomcat authentication methods, as Christopher pointed


Note that there can be ways to achieve a reasonable level of security for doing this kind

of thing (reasonable being a flexible concept dependent upon your precise context).
But running most of the site under HTTPS except for that upload portion seems leaky to me.

Better and cheaper maybe to get a bigger server.
You run the risk otherwise to spend more than the difference, trying to find out ways to 
do this securely, which is what HTTPS provides as a matter of fact.

I would run a test, uploading the same file over HTTP and over HTTPS, and measure the 
system's reaction, to determine really what overhead this causes, percentage-wise, for the

server.  Decryption should be 99.9% CPU, and in my experience that is a facet where modern

servers are rarely overloaded.  With huge files, your communication bandwidth is more 
lilely to be the limiting factor.

And if it really overloads the server, then again the solution may be with a front-end 
which takes care of the HTTPS part.

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