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From David kerber <>
Subject Re: How to schedule events on Tomcat?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 22:04:55 GMT
On 12/2/2010 3:17 PM, Joseph Morgan wrote:
> Why can't you use process scheduling of your OS?
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> From: Brian []
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 1:52 PM
> To:
> Subject: How to schedule events on Tomcat?
> Hi,
> I have a regular app in my Tomcat server, based on the request/response paradigm.
> I need some processes tu run at some specific intervals, lets say after 30 minutes of
some events, or maybe every 30 minutes. Is there a way to do that on Tomcat, to schedule events?
> I don't want to try tying this process to the requests, because it would make them run
slower, and it would run twice at the same time if two requests arrive almous simultaneously.

I use java.util.Timer and java.util.TimerTask for this.


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