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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Comet while migrating to Tomcat 7
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 19:37:05 GMT
On 12/2/10 3:28 PM, Ronald Klop wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying Tomcat 7. The Comet classes have been moved from the
> org.apache.catalina package to the org.apache.catalina.comet package.
> That is fine by me. But for deployment reasons it would be easy if I can
> deploy the same war on Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7. In that way I don't need a
> turn-key upgrade of my Tomcat servers.
> Is there a way to make it dynamic which package is used? Something like
> a Proxy or some other trick I don't know yet.

This wouldn't require code changes?

> How do others do this?

Recompile, or produce two versions of the app.  :s


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