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From Justin Case <>
Subject Re: New jsvc (commons-daemon-native); catalina.out is owned by root - WTF?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 13:45:07 GMT
> From: Gregor Schneider <>
> I feel that ppl have a problem if they mistrust  their developers in so
> far that they have to lock their box even to their own  developers
> maintaing the apps. And I'm not talking about full access but  I'm
> talking about browsing the logs.
> Besides, when having a  production-problem, one can react quickly if
> the developer responsible for  the app can read the logs.
> OTOH, some ppl might have no problems with  outages and can wait for
> the logs being mailed / ftp'ed / whatsoever by the  usally always busy
> server-admins...*sic*

I'm living in such an environment. One of the reasons for this separation is 
fear of "quick fixes": production machines are not for testing patches - which 
otherwise you can bet it would happen if anything beyond log reading would be 
granted. But we have log reading allowed and everybody is happy - both paranoids 
and genies.



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