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From Sylvain Laurent <>
Subject Re: IS that a good idea moving all the common libs?
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2010 17:54:16 GMT

On 22 déc. 2010, at 12:49, Mark Thomas wrote:
> It is do-able if you are prepared to accept the associated constraints:
> - all web apps must use the exact same version of every shared library
> - updating the shared libraries requires a Tomcat restart
> - all of the shared web apps must be "well behaved" in a multiple
> class-loader environment

Maybe a bit off topic, but as far as I understood, OSGI based servers (e.g. Virgo) support
this type of scenario. With multiple versions of shared libraries and the possibility to deploy
newer versions.
Of course every piece of code must be well behaved, osgi-compliant, etc...

> - one out of control web application can take down the whole instance

Definitely a weakness of java... PHP and other scripting platforms do not suffer from this
since each process is isolated (more or less).
Does somebody know how it works on .NET side ? Does it suffer from the same weakness ?
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