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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: Tomcat stops responding
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2010 13:10:15 GMT
K J.Sreekumar schrieb am 19.12.2010 um 17:33 (+0530):
> Yes we are using apache httpd as front-end to tomcat using mod_proxy
> (not AJP). The configuration in httpd.conf are
> ProxyPass /rel/ http://localhost:8080/rel/
> ProxyPassReverse /rel/ http://localhost:8080/rel/

Do the mod_proxy logs reveal anything interesting?

Do you have the access log turned on for Tomcat? Requests will only be
logged after processing, but it might still be useful to find out if
requests get processed and with what outcome.

> Please note that to isolate the issue we had replicated this behavior
> (of the application) by directly running it on tomcat (port 8080).

Maybe I haven't followed closely enough, but it's not clear to me that
this is the application's fault. How do you know?

Michael Ludwig

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