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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: SOT: JVM and DNS Failover
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2010 19:31:35 GMT
Moin Jordan,

Jordan Michaels schrieb am 03.12.2010 um 10:39 (-0800):

> Would any of you be able to point me to some documentation on how
> the JVM handles DNS resolving? I'm hoping there are JVM settings
> that can be tweaked to help force the JVM to fail over to the
> secondary resolver.
> I'm using version 1.6 JVM.

Networking Properties


  […] A value of -1 indicates "cache forever". The default behavior
  is to cache forever when a security manager is installed, and to
  cache for an implementation specific period of time, when a
  security manager is not installed.

So have you installed a security manager?

Wondering myself what the default value is?

  This is a sun private system property which corresponds to
  networkaddress.cache.ttl. It takes the same value and has the
  same meaning, but can be set as a command-line option. However,
  the preferred way is to use the security property mentioned

Still wondering. So is the "implementation specific period of time"
the value taken from the OS?

Michael Ludwig

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