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From "Justin Randall" <>
Subject Re: Can tomcat detect disconnection by client side in Async mode?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 00:16:01 GMT

Without knowing the application and going on standard sockets, I know from experience without
using Async mode that Tomcat does generate a ClientAbortException when a TCP RST is received
from a client when Tomcat is writing the HTTP response to the client.

The client was a CPE which downloaded firmware/config via HTTP and sent a TCP RST after the
first chunk of data if the version on the server and in the CPE were identical.  Not sure
if this is relevant and what the behaviour of your client would be for "disconnecting" from
the server (assuming it's not a web browser).


Justin Randall
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From: Ben <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 14:25:56 
To: Tomcat Users List<>
Reply-To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Subject: Can tomcat detect disconnection by client side in Async mode?

Hi there,

Any idea about the disconnection handling? Cannot find reference for this.

In my application the client may disconnect and send a new request with different parameters.
On server side I wanna clean the AsynContext held by previous request. Right now only timeout
will do, which is not efficient cos I set the timeout to quite high value to avoid frequent
disconnect / connect.

Thanks for help.

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