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From Konstantin Prei├čer <>
Subject RE: Tomcat Jakarta 1.2.31 ISAPI Reconnector incorrectly sending Content body with HTTP 304 Status
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2010 17:53:47 GMT
On 12/03/10 18:05 PM, Pid wrote:
> So, if you can consistently repeat this, can you also confirm
> that changing the date of the static error page prevents the
> 304 from being sent on a subsequent request?


when I change the date of the static error page so that it is newer than the
one which is sent in the "If-Modified-Since" header, then on subsequent
requests Tomcat returns correctly "404 Not Found", not "304 Not Modified"
anymore (however it returns a "Last-Modified" header with the new date of
that static error file). 

If I then do a GET request again, but with a date which again is newer than
the one of the static error file, then Tomcat returns 304 again.

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