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From "Colpaert, Robert" <>
Subject HTTP request and responses mixed up
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 13:45:50 GMT
Hi all,


We are currently experiencing an issue on our system where user A gets
the HTTP response intended for user B. In fact, user A and user B are
two completely different users that are logged on to our system. User A
and User B both a send a different request and then BOTH users get the
same response. This problem occurs sporadically and so far we have not
been to reproduce it.


Our setup is as follows:

We have a server that runs apache and acts as a reverse proxy to the
second apache on another server. Both these servers run Apache 2.2.9.
The apache on the second server includes the mod_jk module and this
server also runs a tomcat which routes the requests to our backend java


Detail specification of the problem scenario:

In the web GUI, user A requests a list of customers and user B requests
a list of the current orders (these requests are be handled in different
servlets). User A receives the correct list of its customers, however
User B gets the same HTTP response!


We traced both requests through the entire chain of
apache/apache/tomcat/backend etc. and we see both requests (User A and
User B) in the logging of our first and second apache. These requests
are for completely different servlets, this rules out any coding
problems inside the servlet. The reason why we can correlate the HTTP
response of User A with the HTTP response User B receives, is the size
of the HTTP response in the apache logging.


We have looked through the change log of tomcat/apache and we have
searched many forums to see if others have encountered this issue.
Unfortunately, we have found very little information. It is also very
difficult to reproduce this situation, since it occurs randomly and we
have only seen it happen 3 times in about 2 months time.


System specification:

OS: Solaris 10

Apache: 2.2.9


Tomcat_jvm: 1.6.0_07-b06

mod_jk: 1.2.26

java: 1.6.07

The versions of apache/tomcat etc. have not been updated for quite some
time (more than a year at least).


If anyone could shed some light on this issue or has experienced it
themselves: any information would be greatly appreciated.




Robert Colpaert 

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