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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Is there a GOOD AJP-based cluster reference?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 16:56:02 GMT
At the risk of violating your request (not to point you to the documentation), 
I'm going to point you at the documentation.

In particular: manual/mod/mod_proxy.html#proxypassreverse (from the Apache httpd 

This will rewrite response URLs. However, there is a caveat. It will not rewrite 
any absolute URLs within the documents served. So if you have 
/context/somewhere/someplace inside a particular page, this link will be 
returned intact and the user will not be able to reach it. Again according to 
the document, you'll need to look at Nick Kew's mod_proxy_html 
( There appears to be a tutorial on 
reverse proxying at that location as well.

You may find it far easier to just rename the war file to ROOT.war and be done 
with it.

. . . . just my two cents


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From: Jeffrey Janner <>
To: Tomcat Users List <>
Sent: Thu, November 4, 2010 6:56:20 AM
Subject: Is there a GOOD AJP-based cluster reference?

I've googled and not found anything very helpful, particularly nothing

I am trying to set up AJP load balancing using Apache 2.2.17 to Tomcat

I'd like to route root to the Tomcat named context (not root).  From the
docs I've read so far, I should be able to, but all the references in
the returned html have the context name stuck at the beginning of the
path, and I can't seem to get it to go away.

I know I can just rename the context as ROOT, but I thought I'd try
deploying it the way the dev team gives it to me.

I've tried:

     ProxyPass / balancer://mycluster/context

    <Proxy balancer=//mycluster>

         BalancerMember ajp://hostname:8009



     ProxyPass / balancer://mycluster

    <Proxy balancer=//mycluster>

         BalancerMember ajp://hostname:8009/context


Nothing seems to be working.  Obviously, I'm not clear on some concept.

Any help would be appreciated.


p.s. Don't send me to the Tomcat & Apache docs, I've read them.

Jeffrey W. Janner            e-mail:
PolyDyne Software Inc.          web: 
9390 Research Blvd.           phone: (512) 343-9100 x8930
Building 1, Suite 400           fax: (512) 343-9297
Austin, TX 78759


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