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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Server affinity instead of session affinity
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2010 23:34:36 GMT
Andrew Hole wrote:
> I'm reading about domain directive in worker properties. I can setup
> different workers to be in the same domain (p.e. a machine) and have "domain
> affinity". Do you have some idea how it really works?

No, but it kind of sounds like what you want to achieve, doesn't it ?
You could try it, and see how it goes.
It sounds like you would need to add one directive to each worker, like



and it would then balance between machine1 and machine2, instead of between the workers 
themselves.  But it also sounds like tomcatA and tomcatB would have to be configured as a

"cluster", and have some provision to share and replicate sessions between them.  That may

be more work than you're aiming for.

(I'm not sure, just guessing).

So you do have an Apache in front with mod_jk then ?
Does this Apache do anything else than load-balancing the back-end Tomcats ?

And about your JVM's being 32-bit : any reason why that has to remain so ?
Are the machines themselves only 32-bit physically ?

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