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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod-jk not called after PerlHandler gets called
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2010 09:24:41 GMT
Mohit Anchlia wrote:
> I posted this thread in mod_perl group:
> I thought I should ask here as well. 

Before someone on this list tells you to that you are in the wrong place, let me say a 
word : this question /is/ relevant to this list, in the sense that it implicates mod_jk, 
for which this is the right list.

In fact, Mohit's question involves Apache httpd, mod_jk and mod_perl.

The question here is in fact : given some "JkMount" directives in Apache, and also a 
"setHandler mod_perl", which response handler will Apache select ?
And the confusion is due to the not-so-clear fact that "JkMount" is in fact a "setHandler"

instruction in disguise.

So, Mohit, the problem is that this :

  > JkMount /bridge/* tc

and this :

> SetHandler modperl

are in "conflict".  The first JkMount is in fact like a

"setHandler mod_jk  IF the URL looks like /bridge/*"

But, a few lines later, you have an unconditional "setHandler mod_perl", which overrides 
this JkMount.

So in the end, the response handler is mod_perl, and mod_jk is "forgotten".

But then, in your mod_perl response handler, you return DECLINED.

That tells Apache that it should look for another response handler.  But mod_jk is already

forgotten, so Apache finds only its own "default handler", the one which tries to return 
the URL as a file on disk.

Mohit, I believe that for the rest of this discussion, it is better to continue it on the

mod_perl list, because the rest is not so relevant to mod_jk or Tomcat.

Except that you should first read this page :

and in particular the sections :
Assigning URLs to Tomcat
Using SetHandler and Environment Variables

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