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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Server affinity instead of session affinity
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 23:58:56 GMT
Andrew Hole wrote:
> Sorry for the inconvenience. I sent the email with wrong content.
> An example:
> Machine 1:
> Tomcat A
>   App1
>   App2
> Tomcat B
>   App3
>   App4
> Machine 2:
> Tomcat C
>   App1
>   App2
> Tomcat D
>   App3
>   App4
> Using session affinity, if I make a request to App1 and the Tomcat A in
> Machine 1 is selected. All the sequent requests will be redirected (within
> the same session) to the same Tomcat (tomcat A). However, if i make a
> request to App3, Tomcat B (machine 1) or Tomcat D (machine 2) could be
> selected. What I really want is that the request to App3 could be done to
> Tomcat B in machine 1 (the request was done using the same browser client).
Ok, now I get it.
My next question is : why ?
Why is it important that, having started on Tomcat A with App1, the same client would get

App3 on Tomcat B, rather than on Tomcat D ?
What do Tomcat A and Tomcat B have in common, that Tomcat C and D don't ?
And vice-versa.

And , should your scheme still work if in the future, Tomcat A and Tomcat B were split 
onto two separate machines ?

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