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From Tomislav Petrović <>
Subject Re: Problem with Tomcat windows service when user delete/changed
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 15:43:01 GMT
Konstantin Kolinko said on 17.11.2010 12:05:
> 2010/11/17 Tomislav Petrović<>:
>> Konstantin Kolinko said on 17.11.2010 11:22:
>>> 2010/11/17 Tomislav Petrović<>:
>>>> After the did this Tomcat stopped working correctly. Default application
>>>> and
>>>> doc are been served (localhost:8080/ and localhost:8080/docs) but no
>>>> other
>>>> webapp (mine and several others) is working (getting 404s).
>>>> I've checked user file premissions and all seem ok.
>>>> The problem was resolved by removing Tomcat window service and installing
>>>> it
>>>> again.
>>>> Windows 2003 Server, 32 bit, server java sun/oracle 6.0 latest update.
>>>> Anyone had similar problems and knows why it happens?
>>> And nothing in the logs?
>>> Probably it does not have permissions to write them
>>> (as well as write unpacked war files, as well as necessary files and
>>> compiled JSPs in work etc.).  The default app and docs are static and
>>> can be served as is, directly from hard drive.
>> I had logging on Debug and nothing in logs.
> What ever logging is set in the service wrapper applies to the service
> wrapper only,
> and *not* to the java application (here: Tomcat) that it runs.
> Without any log messages it is very hard to diagnose anything.

I know, I'll have to try to recreate if I want to investigate further.
I just wanted to know if anyone else had similar experience and/or knows 
of a problem.

>> Service was set up per default, meaning it was run under System account and
>> file premissions for System account should be all ok (System account file
>> permissions didn't change when my initial account was removed and new
>> created).
> And what is your user account used for?

Me being able to log in, change files, monitor logs, etc....

Tomy <>

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