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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Request count increases drastically in tomcat 6.0.29
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 14:27:59 GMT

Again, I do not know LambdaProbe and I don't know precisely how it names things.
But what I believe is this :

 > http-443
 > Current thread count: 1149 Current threads busy: 1148 Max threads: 3000 Max
 > spare threads: 0 Min spare threads: 0 Max time (ms): 896953 Processing time
 > (ms): 166070125 *Request count: 148736* Error count: 527 Received: 687Kb
 > Sent: 143Mb

The "Request count" which you see there is probably a cumulative count of all the requests

that Tomcat has already processed (or received) so far, since the time it was started.
If so, then it is normal that this number will always go up, and never go down.

What is more striking here, are the threads counts : the above says that Tomcat currently

has 1149 threads started, and that all of them are busy.
To me it looks like either your server is too small for the load, or your application is 
too slow to respond.

Even if you told Tomcat that it can start a maximum of 3000 threads, that does not mean 
that it will do so.  It may not have enough memory available to do it.

How much RAM does your server have, and how much of it is being used ? (for a quick check,

use the Windows Task Manager).

It may also be your back-end database system which is slow in responding, and keeping the

threads busy.

Anyway, as per the information above, there are no "idle threads".  That explains why 
additional users would be rejected : your server is just too busy to answer them.
You need a bigger boat.

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