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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: HTTP request and responses mixed up
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 23:04:44 GMT
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On 11/9/2010 8:45 AM, Colpaert, Robert wrote:
> In the web GUI, user A requests a list of customers and user B requests
> a list of the current orders (these requests are be handled in different
> servlets). User A receives the correct list of its customers, however
> User B gets the same HTTP response!

Have you received reports directly from your users, then?

> We traced both requests through the entire chain of
> apache/apache/tomcat/backend etc. and we see both requests (User A and
> User B) in the logging of our first and second apache. These requests
> are for completely different servlets, this rules out any coding
> problems inside the servlet. The reason why we can correlate the HTTP
> response of User A with the HTTP response User B receives, is the size
> of the HTTP response in the apache logging.

Responses of the same size would seem to be circumstantial at best. You
could install a component that takes a cryptographic fingerprint of each
response (say, md5sum) and logs it for comparison. You probably want to
do this at the outer-most layer of your configuration to verify that
it's actually happening, then move that fingerprinting back toward the
webapp until you pinpoint it's location.

As Chuck says, it usually turns out to be the webapp's fault.

If you're truly paranoid, you can enable org.apache.catalina.connector.
RECYCLE_FACADES to see if that eliminates the problem
( I'm
not sure when that configuration property was added, but it looks like
the Changelog references "facade recycling" around 6.0.13, so you should
be okay.

- -chris
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