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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: DBCP abandoned trace - unable to understand the leak
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 10:54:18 GMT
On 04/11/2010 05:01, sasidhar prabhakar wrote:
> Yes it is.
> I have one doubt.
You have a question not a doubt and you have more than one of them.

> Is abandoned trace really shows the code where the
> connection established and did not close it.

> Is remove abandoned, will close the connection after time out

> and places it back to pool.
No. A brand new connection is created to replace the abandoned one.

> Is it really closes the connection?
Yes. Really.

> for example I configured pool with 200 connections. If 50 connections are
> leaked, now remove abandoned will places these 50 connections back to pool
> or pool left with 150 connections.
Neither. You will have a pool with 150 of the original connections plus
50 new connections to replace the ones that were abandoned.


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