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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Deploying Tomcat app with Ant to non-webapps location (Windows)
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 07:00:50 GMT
On 03/11/2010 06:24, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Vikram Vaswani [] 
>> Subject: Deploying Tomcat app with Ant to non-webapps location (Windows)
>> When deployed, the application ends up at C:\program
>> files\Tomcat\lcs (lcs is the application name).
> Not an appropriate spot, so it's good that you want to move it.  Better if it were in
C:\Program Files\Tomcat\webapps\lcs.
>> I am able to do this manually, by creating a separate context file in
>> Catalina/localhost/lcs.xml and specifying the C:\lcs path as the
>> Context docbase. However, I would like this to happen automatically.
> What do you want to happen automatically?  Once the application and the lcs.xml file
are in place, the next deployment should consist only of copying the new version on top of
the old one - the <Context> element in Catalina/[host]/[appName].xml need not change.
>> I read that if I place the context fragment in my applications
>> META-INF/context.xml file, then this should happen automatically.
> Still don't know what you want to happen.  

Me either.  Were I to hazard a guess, I'd suggest changing the appBase
to a different location, but having said that - I think setting
appBase="C:\" is a bad idea.


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