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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Release COM Objects
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 22:32:26 GMT
On 02/11/2010 22:23, Leo Donahue - PLANDEVX wrote:
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>> From: Len Popp []
>> Subject: Re: Release COM Objects
>> I would use a ServletContextListener. It gets notified when the webapp
>> is initialized and destroyed.
>> --
>> Len
> Filter vs ServletContextListener. 
> When does Tomcat tell me in the logs that I might have a memory leak due to some threads
not being released upon shutdown?  In a Filter or in a ServletContextListener?

Neither.  When the app is unloaded, after all of the other processes
have (or claimed to have) finished.


> SRV.9.12
> When a web app is deployed, it does the following steps "in order"...
> • Instantiate an instance of each event listener identified by a <listener> element
> in the deployment descriptor.
> • For instantiated listener instances that implement ServletContextListener,
> call the contextInitialized() method.
> • Instantiate an instance of each filter identified by a <filter> element in
the deployment
> descriptor and call each filter instance’s init() method.
> • Instantiate an instance of each servlet identified by a <servlet> element that
> includes a <load-on-startup> element in the order defined by the load-onstartup
> element values, and call each servlet instance’s init() method.
> When a web app is shutdown, does it do those same four steps in reverse order?
> I'm guessing yes according to contextDestroyed() method. 
> (.."All servlets and filters have been destroy()ed before any ServletContextListeners
are notified of context destruction "...)

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