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From Pid <>
Subject Re: ISAPI Redirector Work-Flow
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 22:39:55 GMT
On 01/11/2010 21:48, Richard G Curry wrote:
> I am trying to understand how the ISAPI Redirector functions at an
> overview level but deeper than this: The request comes into IIS where
> the ISAPI Redirector filter sends the servlet and JSP requests to the
> Tomcat server. I know the redirector works with AJP13 to redirect
> requests to the Tomcat container. What I want to know is HOW that is
> done. Is it a redirected HTTP request, a 301 redirect or is it a
> port-to-port connection between the AJP13 processor and the defined
> instance in the file? 

It's not a redirect.
The request data is converted to the AJP13 binary protocol which is
received by an AJP connector in Tomcat.

> As this properties file defines
> the host name of the server holding the Tomcat instance, this can be on
> a different server than the IIS server, correct?


> Then does AJP13
> 'connect' directly to the defined server ("localhost" in all the
> examples I have seen) and the defined port ("8009" in the same
> examples)?

The connector opens multiple connections to the Tomcat server.

> If you know of a diagram that shows how this works, please share the
> link to that resouce.

I don't sorry.


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