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From Konstantin Prei├čer <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Jakarta 1.2.31 ISAPI Reconnector incorrectly sending Content body with HTTP 304 Status
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 16:02:31 GMT

> OK, after a bit more investigation I can replicate your responses: One
> is a 304 response with a response.flushBuffer() or similar, and the
> other is a 304 response with an implicit close.
> I've tested a fix to the ISAPI Redirector to resolve this.
> cheers
> tim

Many thanks for fixing the bug.

I would like to add that the HTTP 304 responses were all generated by
accessing static resources in a Tomcat webapp (images, css files etc), not
by accessing some servlet or JSP. I don't know why there was sometimes a
"Content-Length: 0" and sometimes a "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"-header.
However the transfer-encoding header seemed to be less frequent than the
content-length header.

At the moment I can't reproduce this issue any more. It happened some days
ago, when I was viewing the webapp by Firefox and pressed F5 several times,
when I noticed that Firefox sometimes displayed HTTP Headers as plain text.
I used a network sniffer to see what the responses looked like, and found
that HTTP 304 responses with a chunked body (which all belonged to images
(png, jpeg) and css files).

But many thanks for fixing the issue.


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