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From "Aggarwal, Ajay" <>
Subject RE: Re: deploying as ROOT application
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 20:12:45 GMT
Well, I was assuming these filters are global to Tomcat instance and not specific to an application.
I haven't looked at available implementations of these filters yet. Based on your response
I take it that my assumption is wrong.

In that case, you are right, making my application as ROOT is a better alternative. Just that
I haven't been able to locate official Tomcat documentation on deploying as ROOT application.
And I didn't want to enter an un-supported experimental territory. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Hassan Schroeder [] 

> But now I am thinking that perhaps URL rewriting can help me here.
> Perhaps I can still deploy my application as "myapp" and use URL
> rewriting filters to do following mapping:
>  /foo --> /myapp/foo
>  /bar --> /myapp/bar
>  /sample1.html --> /myapp/sample1.html
> Will this work? Are there good URL re-writing filter libraries
> available?

Yes, it /would/ work, but why in the name of $DEITY would you go to
all that trouble when you can just name your application ROOT and
be done with it??

You would still have to have a ROOT application to contain the filters
anyway, unless you're front-ending the app with something else like
Apache httpd.

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